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Hudson Soft

By: Bubblun


   Hudson's NES library is pretty small, but they released a lot of quality games. These include:

Adventures of Dino-Riki

Adventure Island

Adventure Island 2

Adventure Island 3


Bomberman II

Bonk's Adventure

Felix the Cat

Jackie Chan Kung Fu

Mendel Palace

Milon's Secret Castle

Princess Tomato

Starship Hector


Notables: It's hard to say whether their Adventure Island series or Bomberman series was the bigger seller during the NES days, but now Hudson is commonly referred to as "The Bomberman company" due to its never-ending sequels.  I highly recommend Bomberman II if you have a Four Score or NES Satellite.  It only supports up to 3-player, but still is a great one to pull out at parties.  Bonk's Adventure was a late-release and is especially fun, it commands a big premium on eBay.  I love Princess Tomato for its concept, and Mendel Palace is a bizarre take on the puzzle genre programmed by Gamefreak (the people that went on to make a little game called Pokemon).  Jackie Chan and Felix the Cat are great platformers.  I'd also suspect the price of the Jackie Chan cart to skyrocket if he ever puts out a movie that REALLY clicks with U.S. audiences.  Who knows, maybe it would be a good item to have autographed? ;D

Status: As far as I can tell, Hudson Soft has retreated from the U.S. market.  Game publisher Vatical has been receptive to bringing over some of their titles to the U.S., particularly the Bomberman games lately.  Vatical also brought out the 2D action-RPG E.G.G. to the Dreamcast last year to sluggish sales.  It was made by Hudson Soft subsidary Birthday, and it plays a lot like Zelda 1 on NES.

Best Titles: Really none of these titles is a dud.  I'd like the Adventure Island series more but I just can't master them and that pisses me off.  I guess Bomberman II and Adventure Island 3 get the nod.

Popularity of Games: Average

Rarity of Games: Above Average, Bonk's Adventure and Jackie Chan are pretty tough to get.

Overall rating: A- (Great-playing cutesy titles, and an irresistible bee corporate logo)

Website: (Japanese, but with an option to read some of it in English, including a cool company history)